Can I visit my child during the day?
Absolutely! Feel free to join your child anytime you wish- at lunchtime, playtime, anytime!

How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?
You are always welcome to visit or call during the day, and when you pick her up her teacher will give you a Daily Activity Report. Your child’s teacher will note how long she napped, what she ate of her lunch today, and how well she is doing with her potty-training. Her teacher will also describe all of the fun activities that your daughter and her friends participated in, and there will always be a little note from teacher to parent regarding a special moment of your child’s day.

How flexible are your programs?
You can choose the schedule that works best for your child. Children can come to Saddle Acres for any number of hours per day, and for as few as one day a week, or as many as five days a week year round. We also offer before and after-school programs.

How will I know that my child is safe while I am at work?
We have developed the Saddle Acres School Quality Assurance program to monitor Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, Curriculum Guidelines, and Program Standards. Conducted several times per year, these comprehensive reviews are unannounced and are in addition to state agency visits. Saddle Acres has been setting the standard for quality childcare since 1959.

Will my child be challenged academically at Saddle Acres? I want to know that he is prepared for elementary school.
At Saddle Acres, we think the best academic preparation is to encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Teachers who have a keen interest in your child’s success create lesson plans based on Saddle Acres Developmental Guidelines and monthly themes. By providing individual attention in a small group setting, Saddle Acres teachers nurture each child’s confidence. Learning to ask questions, discovering cause and effect,
negotiating fair play, and making new friends are all scholastic building blocks at Saddle Acres.

I am familiar with the exceptional educational component available at Saddle Acres, but I wonder if Saddle Acres is too academic? Where is the fun?
The foundation of our curriculum is the belief that children learn through play. This is why children at Saddle Acres might be learning about instruments, but what they are doing is performing in a pretend orchestra in the dramatic play center, or inventing the instrument of their imaginations in the creative art center, or playing instruments in an impromptu preschool parade.

Do children go outside everyday?
Our covered playground is considered an extension of the classroom. In addition to running, jumping, and climbing, teachers plan nature walks, picnics, and outdoor art activities outdoors. Weather permitting, children play outside everyday!

What security measures are taken when releasing children?
Saddle Acres Quality Assurance requires daily written sign-in/sign-out and features password-protected doors. With a parent or guardian’s permission only, a child can be released to an alternate caregiver who presents two forms of identification (one must be a picture ID) and signs a release form.

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